RHS Culinary

RHS Culinary Academy


Our Mission

The RHS Culinary Academy at Rosemont High prepares students for college and the workplace through the study of Culinary Arts, Environmental Science, and Urban Agriculture. Our program places an emphasis on teaching sustainability as a responsibility of industry and individuals.

Basic Program
RHS Culinary Academy


9th Grade

 Cooking requires the cultivation of living things and transforming them into food. Microbiology can transform certain foods into something delicious to consume or into something dangerous. The more farmers and chefs know about biology and microbiology, the better prepared they are to produce safe and delicious food.

10th Grade

Environmental Science Discover our relationship to different ecosystems as individuals, farmers and professional cooks. Learn about the basics of growing food as well as water and land use issues.

Advanced Program
RHS Culinary Academy


11th Grade

Culinary Arts Learn cooking skills in a professional kitchen including bak­ing, pasta making and cooking techniques such as sauté, grilling, and roasting. Receive ServSafe food handler training, develop knife skills and become proficient at culinary math.