Enrollment at Rosemont


In eighth grade, students begin the process of identifying which high school to attend. Some may attend their neighborhood high school; others apply to many of the district’s small high schools or specialized programs which accept students on a space available basis or through a competitive application process.

Students attending their neighborhood high school are automatically enrolled based on their address; they are registered in the spring. Students applying to specialty programs are enrolled upon acceptance but must register according to instructions in their acceptance letters.

Parents are encouraged to learn about the wide variety of high school choices available throughout the district. Important enrollment information is available from the Sacramento City Unified School District (SCUSD).

Students living within the Rosemont attendance area

For middle school students living within the district defined boundaries of Rosemont High, school counselors will visit the district’s middle schools to enroll eighth grade students for their freshmen year.

Non-freshmen students may be enrolled at our main office on campus. Parents are strongly encouraged to enroll their students as soon as possible once they locate within the school’s attendance area.

To determine the school within your boundary, please click here.

Students living outside the Rosemont attendance area

For students living outside the Rosemont attendance area and SCUSD defined boundaries, the school accepts students on a space available basis through either an intra-district or inter-district permit.

Please contact SCUSD’s Enrollment Office at (916) 643-2400 for assistance.

Students Returning to Rosemont High School

The enrollment process pertains to prospective students (freshmen or other new students). Once a student has been enrolled at Rosemont, only students on inter- or intra-district permits may be required to repeat the process for subsequent academic school years.

Applying for a High School Specialty Program

The High School Specialty Program Application is an opportunity for each student who resides permanently within the boundaries of the Sacramento City Unified School District (SCUSD) to apply for enrollment in a SCUSD high school specialty program, based on space availability for the 2020-2021 school year. SCUSD offers specialty programs at both our neighborhood and small specialized high schools.

All prospective students for a specialized program must complete the High School Specialty Program Application regardless of where they live.

Please click here for more specifics on each of our programs.

The 2021-2022 application period will be November 16th – December 17th.

Please go to the SCUSD High School Specialty Program Application website for more information on how to apply.