ASSETs at Rosemont

As Rosemont High School’s Expanded Learning program, we are dedicated to the academic excellence and quality-based instruction that prepare each of our students for college and beyond. We strive to develop the total person – intellectually, creatively, socially and physically through diverse educational and enrichment opportunities.


Program Hours

0 Period: 7:00-7:50 am (M-W,F) – Except Thursdays

7th Period: Regular Day: 3:03-4:00 pm (M-W,F) – Except Thursdays       

Shortened Day: 12:43-1:18 pm

ASSETs is OPEN every school day before and after the last bell until 6:00 pm. We close at 3:15 pm on shortened days.

**Afternoon Supper Included


Program Components

  • Credit Courses: 0 or 7th period
  • Homework Support: Tutoring/Study Hall
  • Enrichment Programs


Brandon Alvarez, ASSETs Program Manager — Room A126

Phone: (916) 395-5130 ext. 508006

The ASSETs Office is located in the main office of Rosemont High School Room A126. For more information, please contact Mr. Alvarez at 916-395-5130 extension 508006 or via the “Contact the ASSETs Coordinator” link to the right.