Student Clubs


Rosemont High School offers many on-campus, student-run club organizations. Whether you enjoy clubs with academic-minded focuses, or clubs dedicated to promoting volunteer service and excellence, artistic expression, equality, or cultural education, Rosemont caters to a wide range of interests.



This fall campuses are offering a variety of events for prospective students, including events for freshman, transfer and out-of-state/international applicants. Each campus continues to work closely with state, federal, and local agencies to ensure the safety of the campus and community. Therefore, events may be offered in-person or virtually, and could change depending on current guidelines. Be sure to check with the campus for more information on the full schedule and format of events as well as for registration information.

Work Permits


If you are in need of a work permit you will need to fill out a work permit request form and have it signed by your parent, employer and our school office manager in order for it to be valid.