Student Clubs


Rosemont High School offers many on-campus, student-run club organizations. Whether you enjoy clubs with academic-minded focuses, or clubs dedicated to promoting volunteer service and excellence, artistic expression, equality, or cultural education, Rosemont caters to a wide range of interests.

Come join a club today and become a part of a passionate group of students who share your interests and motives; meet new people, get involved, enrich your high school experience, and strengthen college or scholarship applications with proof of dedication to an extracurricular that matters to you! 

Learn about all the many clubs offered on-campus by exploring the club section of this website.

Art Club



Come check out the Art Club on Thursdays after school in Room J114 where we have small meetings before our weekly “Art Day” from 3-4PM.

The best part about Art Club is that it is conveniently held in an art room where all the supplies are open to our creative disposal!

Mrs. Mamola, Rosemont’s wonderful art teacher has opened her class to any aspiring artists who perhaps don’t have art supplies and would like to try different mediums like tempera or acrylics.

Black Student Union (BSU)



Club meets: Tuesdays & Thursdays 3:15-4:30pm B-209

What is Black Student Union (BSU)?

Black Student Union is a club centered around African American success and unity. The club focuses on what’s currently happening with all people of African descent and what members can do to improve the African-American race. BSU attends multiple conferences throughout the year that are dedicated to the academic achievement, career planning, and unity of the African Diaspora.

California Scholarship Federation (CSF)



The club meets every other Tuesday at Lunch in E- 106

What is CSF?

Founded in 1921 by Charles F. Seymour, the California Scholarship Federation (CSF) is a prestigious club organization established  to recognize high achieving students living in the state of California. 

CSF is a state-wide club dedicated to academic achievement and community service with a mission to foster high standards of scholarship, service, and citizenship.

Infires: K-Pop Club



The club meets every Thursday at lunch in room B205.

What is the Infires: K-Pop Club?

Are you getting tired of the new pop songs on the radio and want to listen to something different? If you are, then you have come to the right place. Welcome to the Infires: K- Pop Club! K- Pop is a wide variety of singers and groups who sing in English and Korean. They have really interesting videos and complex dance routines that are fun to learn.

Key Club International



The club meets every Thursday in Room E-102. 

What is Key Club? 

Key Club is an international organization mainly organized and run by high school students. in Key Club, we try our best to serve our home, school, and community through service projects ranging from fundraisers for charitable causes to volunteer events.

Throughout the year we try our best as keyclubbers to make the world a better place as a result of our contributions toward the community and further beyond.

Latino Club



Meets every Wednesday at Lunch in E-111.

What is the Latino Club?

Latino Club was formed in 2006. We are here to support and motivate all students at Rosemont High School to gain a better understanding of Latino culture. We believe that all students from all cultural backgrounds should become familiar with our cultural beliefs, and celebrations.

RHS Environmental Club



The club meets Mondays at Lunch in B-220. 

What is the RHS Environmental Club?

Since its foundation in 2008, the Environmental Club has been a student-run organization based in Rosemont High School whose purpose is to improve the sustainability of the campus and surrounding community as well as to raise people’s awareness of the impact they have towards their environment.




Meetings are held after school from 3-4pm Mondays and Wednesdays in C-117. Note: Meetings are held more frequently from January to March.

What is the Rosemont Robotics Club?

In 2014, the Rosemont Robotics Club was originally established as a First Robotics Team where participating members built a robot in the span of six weeks and then went on to compete at regional competitions, receiving the Rookie Inspirational Award in their first ever competition.

Rosemont Mathletes



Meetings are held on Wednesdays in room E-102. Don’t forget to grab lunch before or after the meetings 

What is Rosemont Mathletes?

Established in October 2015, Rosemont Mathletes is a new club formed by students enthusiastic about mathematics and eager to display their talents in a competitive yet friendly environment.

Mathletes attends monthly math competitions hosted at various schools.