Work Permits

Work Permits


If you are in need of a work permit you will need to fill out a work permit request form and have it signed by your parent, employer and our school Career Information Technician  in order for it to be valid.

Please follow these instructions to complete a work permit:

  1.  Fill out the work permit request form.
  2.  Complete the form with as much detail as possible.
  3.  Once you have completed the form, print it out.
  4.  Have your parent sign the form.
  5.  Take the signed form to your employer to complete and sign the employers section
  6. Scan the form or take a picture of it and email it to Mr. Paris at   for processing.
  7. Mr. Paris will complete the actual work permit and email it back  to you.
Please be sure to follow the steps exactly. 
Forms that are incomplete, missing information, missing the proper signatures, or are not legible will not be processed.

If you have additional questions about work permits, please click here.