Engineering, Construction, & Design Academy (ECD)



Rosemont High School’s Engineering, Construction, & Design Academy (ECD) students will thrive in a challenging, yet supportive and integrated academic program while exploring and solving real world problems through industry sponsored project-focused experiences.


ECD students will apply skills and knowledge gained from integrating academic content and work-based learning opportunities to explore answers to a variety of important questions an challenges being faced in the 21st century. Such questions include: “How are we going to accommodate the world’s energy needs?” and “How will my work affect my community, region and the world?”

ECD Documentary


Check out this amazing video from our design academy!

This is a mini-documentary on the ECD program at Rosemont High School and shares the importance of ECD program and others programs like it.

You will learn about the tools that students learn and how the skills they learn affect them in the future.

Click here to watch on You Tube.

Courses In ECD


As a part of ECD you will be taking Core Academic and Career and Technical Education (CTE) courses. 

Core Academic Courses

Core Academic Courses are classes that students need to take in order to graduate. ECD Core Courses include a variety of integrated projects that span between at least two classes. 

Career and Technical Education (CTE)

The purpose of CTE courses is to help students apply their knowledge in class into real life, provide career exposure and options for students during high school and upon graduating. Career and Technical Education consists of  Drafting and Design; Engineering, Construction, & Design; Construction Technology; and Engineering Technology.

RHS CREATE Students Visit the Ice Blocks Construction Project


Students from CREATE visited the Ice Blocks construction project on R Street with their mentors, Ike (Lionakis Architects), Mike (Nacht & Lewis Architects), and Ryan (Ascent Builders). After the tour of the mixed use project, the team headed over to take a tour of the offices of Nacht & Lewis – a repurposed paint store. The CREATE team’s challenge this year is to plan, design, and budget the repurposing of the paint shop at the railyards.