Attendance Office FAQs
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Below, you will find answers to some of our frequently asked questions.

1) How long do I have to clear an absence?
Two weeks. This includes submitting the online report on a weekend.

2) How can I report an absence?
Click the Absences link above. 

3) How can I request an early dismissal?
You must either call, write a note or come in. We no longer accept online requests for early dismissals. Early dismissal requests submitted via the absence reporting link are automatically denied.

4) How long does it take once I have submitted a request for an absence to clear? 
It can take up to 3-5 school days in peak times. We apologize for the delay. If after 5 school days, you still don’t see the absence cleared, please contact us.

5) My student was marked absent, but was at a school sponsored activity (ex: sport, club event, field trip)
Please review the information in this tab above. 

6) My student is sick, should I send them to school? 
Click the Pod labeled When Is Too Sick for School? 

7) My student was marked absent, but wasn’t absent to a class. How do I fix that? 
Click the Pod labeled Attendance Correction Form.