Hello, Wolverines!

Here is some information from SCUSD about an important survey and also a few updates from Rosemont High School.

We hope all of your are doing well, given our current circumstances, and that you 

Although we are starting the  2020-21 Academic Year with a full distance learning model, SCUSD also recognizes that we must continue planning for when public health conditions improve and we can safely return.

Although we are starting the  2020-21 Academic Year with a full distance learning model, SCUSD also recognizes that we must continue planning for when public health conditions improve and we can safely return.

Each of our students and families are unique and have different needs. This means that while some of our students might be ready to come back to school campuses for some or each day per week when state and county health officials deem it safe, other students might need to continue to participate in a full distance learning program.

Until we are at the point where all of our students will come back to physical school, the district will need families to let them know their preferences for returning, and what criteria would make you feel safe again.

Please view and complete this form (for planning purposes) at www.scusd.edu/return-together-form. This is not your formal decision for when it is safe to Return Together and will only be used for the district’s planning purposes. Please complete the form by August 10th for each of your students attending Sac City Unified schools. It includes short questions on:

Returning to school

Distance learning

Technology needs

Communication preferences

Please have your student’s name and ID ready when filling out this form. To reiterate, your answer is not your formal or final decision regarding your preferences for returning together and this information will be used for the district’s planning purposes only. The safety of our students, parents, and teachers are very important to us. This information will help us create the best learning conditions for everyone.


Yearbooks still have not arrived. This delay has been an issue with the yearbook company, not Rosemont High School. We can’t tell you enough how much we have appreciated your patience! We’ll reach out when they come in. If you have any questions about payment, please email the controller, Ms. Moua at Bee-Moua@scusd.edu. She will be available starting Monday, August 24th.


Distribution of Materials

Many of you have asked about the distribution of materials, such as yearbooks (when they arrive), instructional materials, musical instruments, etc. The district is working on a plan for this process, and we hope to have more information soon.


Freshman and New Student Orientation

In lieu of an in-person event, we are developing an orientation video collection, which parents and students may view at any time once it’s posted on our website  (https://rosemont.scusd.edu). This presentation will be available beginning on Monday, August 24th. The information will be helpful for all students, not just our incoming freshmen.


Another reminder about the new counselor assignments for 20-21:

Audrey Kamilos

A  -  Fisher

Pam Reeder-Esparza

Flores  – Martinez

Onisha Cook

Martinez-Alv – Sec

Gabriella Orozco

Sedykh -  Z

Counselors will be available beginning on August 24th. 


Distance Learning

The teachers at Rosemont High School are committed to providing a high-quality Distance Learning program for all of our students. They are planning relevant and rigorous instruction focused on essential standards – those standards that students must master in order to be successful academically at each level.

Our teachers will use a Universal Design for Learning (UDL) approach to instruction,  which means incorporating supports for students at every level, including those with special needs and English Learners. Students will engage in daily whole-group instruction (through video conference) that includes opportunities for direct instruction, peer-to-peer interactions, frequent and timely assessment, and frequent and timely feedback from teachers. They will also have time each day to complete individual assignments and receive targeted intervention from teachers and support staff, as needed. In the coming weeks, we will provide detailed information about the daily schedule, attendance procedures, etc.

All teachers will use Google Classroom as the platform for engaging students and delivering instruction. We are working on consistency from teacher to teacher in the way that the Google Classrooms are set up to make it easier for our students and families to navigate through this online tool. We will also provide login instructions and information about accessing other commonly-used online applications. 

SEL, or Social and Emotional learning, is just as important as the academic curriculum. In order to be successful, students need a set of social skills: cooperation, assertion, responsibility, empathy, and self-control. Teachers will include regular SEL lessons based on monthly SEL “themes.” We will also provide SEL resources for parents and families aligned with those same monthly themes. This is a great way for our families to reinforce and build on what students are learning in their classes!  The social and emotional well-being of the entire school community is critical and we will do everything we can to make sure we address this on a daily basis!


Health and Safety

The health and safety of our families is critical at this time. Please find helpful information from the SCUSD Health Services Department here. If and when we do return to campus, we will provide updates. In the meantime, please remember to take recommended precautions:

Wash hands frequently with soap and water for at least 20 seconds

Wear a face covering any time you are outside and remain at least six feet apart from others

Stay home if you are sick



From this point forward, we will communicate weekly with our families via email and post those messages on the school website (rosemont.scusd.edu). Please expect a weekend email message and possibly updates during the week, as needed.


Student Schedules

This year, student schedules will be available on Infinite Campus near the start of school. We will not distribute paper copies. As we get closer to September 3rd, we’ll let you know when you can access your student’s schedule.


Contacting the Office

The school remains closed, but please continue to call the school at (916) 395-5130 and leave messages for office staff. We are checking those daily. By the end of next week, we will communicate office hours for administration. 


The following Rosemont employees are available for assistance throughout the summer:

Elizabeth Vigil, Principal         x508011        Elizabeth-Vigil@scusd.edu

Shandra Lee, Office Manager    x508001        Shandra-Lee@scusd.edu

Ayesha Charamuga, Registrar    x508033       

Bee Moua, Controller        x508053        Bee-Moua@scusd.edu


Work Permits

If your student needs a work permit, please email our office manager at Shandra-Lee@scusd.edu. 



Transcript requests go to our Registrar at

Thank you, families, for all of your support. As we work through this new normal, we are having to rely heavily on that partnership to ensure that we can meet the needs of our students. The word of the day is, and will continue to be, flexibility, as we continue to learn and adapt to an ever-changing situation. I do know that we are definitely stronger together. We can get through this! Let’s have a great 20-21!!!

More information to come!