Hello, Wolverines -

We hope everyone is doing well! Please take good care of yourselves (and your pets), especially in this terrible heat! Although we are still awaiting some of the details about the start of school (daily schedules, etc.), we will continue to share what we do know and provide regular updates.

First Day of School

School starts on Thursday, September 3rd. As soon as we have information about the daily schedule, we’ll pass that on. 

Freshman and New Student Orientation 

The Freshman and New Student Orientation video series will be available on Monday, August 24th at 6:00 pm. We will provide information later next week about how to access those. Included are introduction videos for the various staff groups on campus, so parents/guardians and students can “meet” the adults who will be supporting them! 

Materials Return and Distribution (including yearbooks!!!)

Please find the information for this process here. It’s very important that families follow the schedule in this document. Our goal is to move cars through the line as quickly as possible each day, and arriving at the designated time will help greatly. 

Digital Backpack

This year, we’re introducing a new Rosemont High School “Digital Backpack” – a central location for resources and important school information including:

  • Virtual Front Office
  • Distance Learning 
  • Technology Support (login information, resetting passwords, Google Classroom, Zoom, Clever, etc.)
  • Academic Support (academic websites in each subject area, tutoring, etc.)
  • School Calendars/Schedules 
  • Before and After-school clubs and programs
  • Credit Recovery
  • Health Services
  • Social/Emotional Support
  • Nutrition Services
  • Student Handbook
  • Athletics
  • School-Home Communication

Much of this can be found on the SCUSD and Rosemont High School websites, but the Digital Backpack will hold everything in one place.

We hope this will make the process of looking for information much easier – especially during Distance Learning, when we want to make sure that all of our families have the support they need.


All we know at this time is that the athletics calendar for 2020-21has been revised, and that the earliest athletics can begin is December. More details to come…

Commitment to Anti-racism

The beginning of a new school year is a time of opportunity for everyone within the school community and should be a time of reflection and recommitment to good work. At Rosemont, a group of parents, staff, and students have engaged in conversations over the past few months regarding racism and, specifically, examples of racism at Rosemont High School.

We all feel that it’s critical for us to identify and interrupt any procedures, policies, and practices that are contributing to inequity across our systems. The group has also drafted a statement to represent a commitment to antiracism from all members of our staff. Ultimately, this statement will take its place alongside our Mission and Vision Statements and our Established Student Learning Outcomes (ESLOs), serving as a document that speaks to who we want to be as well as what we know we need to do.

We’ve asked for feedback from our entire staff and will work to refine this statement over the coming weeks. We are anxious to share the final product with our families.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, everyone! As always, please reach out anytime.