Art Club



Come check out the Art Club on Thursdays after school in Room J114 where we have small meetings before our weekly “Art Day” from 3-4PM.

The best part about Art Club is that it is conveniently held in an art room where all the supplies are open to our creative disposal!

Mrs. Mamola, Rosemont’s wonderful art teacher has opened her class to any aspiring artists who perhaps don’t have art supplies and would like to try different mediums like tempera or acrylics.

What is Art Club?

Art Club provides a place where students can comfortably be themselves, and express their true colors. Like everyone in this world, art is unique and this club is a great place to convey the incredible amount of diversity Rosemont has to offer to the community.

Though this club is still new, it is growing in size and life, with many activities done and many planned for the future.

During the past year alone, Art Club has: 

  • Participated in Essence of Rosemont with a non-profit art station allowing children to create their own artistic displays
  • hosted a Christmas Party Potluck
  • decorated gingerbread houses
  • created personal t-shirts with acrylic paints
  • Established, and currently host, a a weekly Art Day on Thursdays open to for all to participate in

Membership and Policy: What does it take to get into Art Club?

To answer simply, NOTHING. No one is expected to be a professional artist. Art Club allows even the most non-artistic personalities to have fun with their friends.

The only requirement is a positive attitude, because it’s the key to a great club and we strive to become exactly that. So what are you waiting for, let your creativity flow.