Senior Project


Senior Projects–Class of 2020
Project Guidelines and Information

If you submitted your proposal (either your original or your resubmission) and have not received it back, please see Ms. Siegert in E206. If you do not have an approved project on file as of the end of first quarter, you are not on track to graduate! Please submit a proposal to Ms. Siegert ASAP.  


What is Senior Project?

Completion of Senior Project is a graduation requirement at Rosemont High School, as well as at all of the other high schools in Sacramento City Unified School District.

In order to get your Senior Project approved, you must submit the three proposal forms (Proposal, Parent Permission, and Outside Mentor) and a typed Letter of Intent. Proposals are due by mid-October and there are three opportunities to present throughout the year.

Below are basic guidelines for Senior Projects:


Basic Guidelines for Senior Projects:

  • The project must be personally challenging. You cannot simply cook a meal or learn to strum a couple of chords on a guitar. Consider completing a project that involves community service, such as volunteering at a convalescent hospital or food bank, coaching youth sports, or organizing a fundraiser for the American Heart Association or other worthy foundations. Other successful project ideas include building/constructing something, teaching (more than three students), working at an after-school program, etc. 
  • The project must be independently completed.

Senior Project Volunteer Opportunities

If you are looking for volunteer opportunities, below is a link to the City of Sacramento’s Youth Volunteer Directory, which has plenty of summer and year-round opportunities.

Or, follow this link for information about short term opportunities such as:

  • Zoo Ambassador at the Sacramento Zoo
  • Volunteer at Fairytale Town
  • Youth Assistant at Rivercats Stadium

City of Sacramento Volunteers



Your product is a part of your presentation; it is the physical evidence you show of what you learned/created. Your product is technically the proof of the 15 hours minimum that you have spent on your Senior Project (researching for your paper, organizing your speech, and completing your portfolio do not count towards the time limit).  Your product must be in the form of a Power Point



You will present your project to a panel of judges in December 2019 (sign-ups will take place in November), March 2020 (sign-ups will take place in February), or May 2020 (sign-ups will take place in March). Your presentation needs to be 8-10 minutes long, and the judges have a 5-minute question/answer session once you finish speaking. Additionally, your presentation MUST be in the form of a PPT or Prezi. The rubric for the presentation can be found in the link below.


Research Paper

This element of your Senior Project needs to be included in your portfolio, but it is counted as a separate portion, and is a part of your English 12 grade. If you do not pass the research paper, you cannot pass the first semester of English 12. The rubric for the paper can be found in the link below. 



The portfolio is where all of your materials and paperwork related to your senior project, including a letter of introduction to the judges, are showcased. You should use a binder to keep track of everything that you do with Senior Project, starting from the time you’re approved, and then that as the basis of your final portfolio. Listed below are the items you need to have in your portfolio, which is graded on its completeness and presentation.