A Special Message for Seniors
May 7, 2017

The Senior Trip final meeting is on May 17th at 6pm in the cafeteria. We will discuss trip times and complete emergency information forms. Parents and students must be present. 

Don’t forget to buy your ball tickets in the Student Store during lunch. Tickets are $60 with an ASB card and $65 without. The last day to purchase tickets is Wednesday, May 10th.

Another reminder that seniors who continue to violate the Rosemont dress code or engage in other inappropriate behaviors may be suspended. This would make seniors ineligible to participate in the Graduation Ceremony on June 9th. To remind everyone, seniors may not participate if they are suspended in the 4th quarter, earn more than 6 tardies in the 4th quarter, have more than 12 unexcused periods in the 4th quarter or have any unserved teacher or administration detentions. Our goal is for every senior to be a part of this special ceremony, so please remind your senior to do their very best between now and June 9th.

For more information and reminders about Graduation, please visit our website.