Research Paper
Senior Project


This element of your Senior Project needs to be included in your portfolio, but it is counted as a separate portion, and is a part of your English 12 grade. If you do not pass the research paper, you cannot pass the first semester of English 12. The rubric for the paper can be found in the link below.  Your paper needs to be 6 pages minimum (MLA format, Times New Roman 12-point font, typed and double-spaced, including Works Cited page), and you must use at least five reputable, valid sources in your paper (Wikipedia does not count as a source). If you’re struggling with the page limit, break up the paper in the same way as the presentation; you need an introduction (with thesis statement), body, and conclusion. You could write ¾ page of introduction to your topic, which would include your thesis, and you could also write ¾ page of concluding thoughts (maybe a solution/recommendation, speculation, a question, an anecdote, etc.). That leaves 3 ½-4 body pages, which can be easily broken up to fit your topic. Remember that this is a RESEARCH paper, not a reflection; therefore, you cannot use any 1st person references in your paper (I, me, in my opinion, etc.)