Senior Project


You will present your project to a panel of judges in December 2019 (sign-ups will take place in November), March 2020 (sign-ups will take place in February), or May 2020 (sign-ups will take place in March). Your presentation needs to be 8-10 minutes long, and the judges have a 5-minute question/answer session once you finish speaking. Additionally, your presentation MUST be in the form of a PPT or Prezi. The rubric for the presentation can be found in the link below. The judges are looking for an introduction, body, and conclusion to your presentation (where you showcase/demo your product), as well as an explanation of your research paper and how it connects to your topic. You also need to include your personal reflections on your experience with Senior Project (successes, obstacles, achievements, what you learned, how it was a stretch, etc.) Be sure to practice your speech ahead of time so that you’re familiar enough with it that you’re not reading straight off of your note cards. In addition to grading the content of your speech, the judges are also scoring your presentation skills. You are also expected to dress professionally for your presentation.