The LEAD Approach

The faculty of LEAD firmly believes that the future success of this country depends on the ability of our young people to innovate, analyze, identify and solve complex problems, and ultimately, lead. 

The LEAD courses   are designed to be rigorous and challenging, and they require extensive reading and writing on the part of the student.  Additionally, students commit their time to community service – tutoring elementary and middle school students, organizing and facilitating clothes and food drives for those less fortunate, and completing beautification projects in Sacramento – as a way to gain authentic experience as leaders.  By organizing and completing their own service projects, students will develop a sense of personal responsibility for the world in which they live.  With the intellectual, organizational, and real-world leadership skills learned in the classroom and refined in the community, our students will be primed to forge their own path for the future.

Each year, 70 freshmen are admitted into the LEAD program, and those 70 students are grouped together in their English and Social Science classes throughout their four years at Rosemont. LEAD students’ schedules meet district graduation requirements, University of California, and California State University ‘a-g’ eligibility requirements for admission. Students also have the opportunity to earn over a year’s worth of college credit and exemption from entry-level college courses through the successful completion of as many as nine Advanced Placement classes/exams, which students begin taking in the 10th grade.

Throughout each of their four years at Rosemont, LEAD students are required to complete community service through a combination of both faculty-directed and self-directed opportunities. Through service to others, LEAD students learn civic responsibility, foster interpersonal skills, and strengthen their ties to their community.