June 3rd

Little Libraries Complete!
Mr. Stafford and the Construction Technology students built and have
now installed Little Libraries throughout the Rosemont community!
This project was a great partnership between the school and the
Rosemont Community Association.

Check out the picture to see the work they did!

Congratulations to the May Students-of-the-Month!

Robert Smith
Quinn Vang
Maribel Pena
Haley Henney
Kelsey Davis
Amaris Clay
Moriah Carri
Kenny Rangel
Raelyn Taylor
Aidan Gardner
Sean Patterson
Amelia Calhoun
Amelia Kokhanevich
Ariana Taylor
Logan Germscheid
Zaryah Moore
Ruben Ramirez-Hernandez
Brandon Ceccarelli
Rodrigo Miranda Rios
Steven Gonzalez

Yearbook Distribution
Yearbooks will be distributed in the library on Wednesday, June 5th.
Students who purchased a yearbook will receive a numbered ticket Wednesday during 3rd period for pickup to begin toward the end of 4th period. Seniors will receive blue tickets and all underclassmen will receive yellow tickets.

Yearbook staff members will deliver these tickets, and we ask that teachers personally pass them out to ensure they are given to the correct students. You can give the tickets of any absent students back to the yearbook staff members who visit your class or put them in Mrs. Braun’s box.

Seniors who purchased yearbooks can pick them up starting at 11:40 am on Wednesday. Their blue tickets serve as their passes to leave class early. All underclassmen will stay in class and pick up their yearbooks at lunch in the library.

If you have any questions, feel free to email Mrs. Braun.

Boosters meets Monday, June 3rd at 5 pm in the Large Conference Room.

Rosemont Pride
A huge “shout out” to Linda Zanze. We all know that she does the work of several people, and we are extremely grateful for what she does every day. Even at her busiest, she volunteers to help out with anything that needs to be done. Thanks, Zanze for your dedication!!

But, I believe that one of her greatest contributions is her unwavering love of everything Rosemont High School. Linda has been a wolverine since the very beginning and constantly looks for ways to help us improve, from suggesting better procedures and policies to sitting on
every committee possible and helping us plan school events, such as orientations and visitation days. Recently, she has been concerned about how to re-energize school pride and bring students together to more enthusiastically embrace their school. One of her ideas was to create a Rosemont Alma Mater – something that all students would know and that would become a regular feature at rallies, sporting events, and other school activities.

On Thursday, I mentioned this idea to Mr. Neff, and only one day later, he invited the admin team to his choir class to hear a draft of “Rosemont Pride.” I am proud to announce that we have an Alma Mater, and it’s amazing… Mr. Neff also included some text from our Rosemont Seal (non scholae sed vitae discimus” which translates to “We do not learn for school, but for life.”

We will share this soon with staff. Thanks to Linda for an AWESOME idea, and thanks to Mr. Neff for bringing that idea to life in literally one day!!!!!!

Senior Awards Night
Senior Awards Night was spectacular. For the first time ever, we had a packed house. Families, students, and staff came out in large numbers to support the seniors who were recognized for their many accomplishments. Thanks to everyone who presented, and to those who attended.

The students love seeing their Rosemont family in the audience…Thanks, as always, to Ms. Reeder-Esparza for organizing this event and to Ms. Siegert for serving as emcee!!!! It is absolutely the highlight of the year.

Another highlight, and another first, was having Annette Deglow, President of the College-Glen Neighborhood Association, and her husband in attendance and taking pictures! Ms. Deglow has become a huge supporter of our school, recently touring the campus and also voluntarily spending a day with Mr. Stafford and the Robotics team as they prepared for their spring competition. Families in the College-Glen neighborhood have traditionally chosen other high schools, so this is a major shift in the perception of Rosemont. Seeing Annette and her husband at Awards Night was a special surprise that reflects a positive change for future enrollment!


More Senior Recognition!

Brian Mao was recognized as the Rosemont High School Outstanding Student at the Elks Lodge Outstanding Student Dinner last Tuesday. He is also the Salutatorian of the 2019 graduating class, and was the recipient of the Rob Jones Memorial Scholarship at Senior Awards Night. A well-deserved honor for this amazing young man.

Congratulations, as well, to Gloria An! I will be presenting her with the George H. Clark Memorial Scholarship at the Sacramento City Council meeting this coming Tuesday evening. Gloria was chosen from among exceptional seniors across SCUSD! To receive the scholarship, students must demonstrate academic excellence and plan to attend a four-year college or university.

Anmol Walia, who was awarded the Antonio Medrano Scholarship at Awards Night, has been invited to attend an award banquet on Tuesday at Vallejo’s restaurant.

End-of-the-Year for ASSETs
The last official day for 0, 7th, and 8th period will be Wednesday, June 6th. It will also be the last day where our afternoon snack is served. Study hall in the library and ASSETs related clubs will end on Wednesday, June 12th.

Thursday, June 13th is the last day of school for 9th – 11th graders.

The last full day of school is Thursday, June 6th. For seniors, this is the last day of school. For 9th – 11th graders, Friday, June 7th through Thursday, June 13th are shortened days. Students are released at 12:06 pm. Lunch is served every day at 12:06.

The last official day for 0, 7th, and 8th period will be Wednesday, June 6th. It will also be the last day where our afternoon snack is served. Study hall in the library and ASSETs related clubs will end on Wednesday, June 12th.

The last dance is Friday, June 7th from 8 – 10 pm in either the gym or the quad. This dance is for all eligible students.