February 18, 2019

Just another reminder to make sure that students attend school every day, except in the case of illness or an unavoidable emergency. Students who miss 10% of the school year, which equates to just two days per month, are identified as “chronically absent.” Students who are chronically absent are at risk for achieving academically at lower levels than students with consistent attendance. They can also lack a “connectedness” to school, including participation in activities and the ability to form close, meaningful relationships with both students and staff. Please feel free to reach out to the administration and/or your student’s counselor if you need assistance with anything that is preventing your student from coming to school. We are here to help!

Movie night is Friday, February 22nd from 6 – 10 pm in the Auditorium. Admission is $4, which includes a bag of popcorn! The first movie begins at 6:00, and the second feature begins at approximately 8:00. If your student will be attending, please make sure that he/she is picked up promptly at 10:00.

RHS Skate Night is Tuesday, 2/26 from 6 – 8 pm at “The Rink” on Bradshaw. Students must arrange for their own transportation for this event.

The Semester Awards Ceremony is Thursday, February 28th from 10:30 – noon. At this school-wide ceremony, we will recognize students who excelled in academics and attendance in the first semester.