News & Updates
UPDATED 8/5/20

Hello, Wolverines!

Here is some information from SCUSD about an important survey and also a few updates from Rosemont High School.

We hope all of your are doing well, given our current circumstances, and that you 

Although we are starting the  2020-21 Academic Year with a full distance learning model, SCUSD also recognizes that we must continue planning for when public health conditions improve and we can safely return.

Although we are starting the  2020-21 Academic Year with a full distance learning model, SCUSD also recognizes that we must continue planning for when public health conditions improve and we can safely return.

Each of our students and families are unique and have different needs. This means that while some of our students might be ready to come back to school campuses for some or each day per week when state and county health officials deem it safe, other students might need to continue to participate in a full distance learning program.

Until we are at the point where all of our students will come back to physical school, the district will need families to let them know their preferences for returning, and what criteria would make you feel safe again.

Please view and complete this form (for planning purposes) at www.scusd.edu/return-together-form. This is not your formal decision for when it is safe to Return Together and will only be used for the district’s planning purposes. Please complete the form by August 10th for each of your students attending Sac City Unified schools. It includes short questions on:

Returning to school

Distance learning

Technology needs

Communication preferences

Please have your student’s name and ID ready when filling out this form. To reiterate, your answer is not your formal or final decision regarding your preferences for returning together and this information will be used for the district’s planning purposes only. The safety of our students, parents, and teachers are very important to us. This information will help us create the best learning conditions for everyone.


Updates From Rosemont High School


Yearbooks still have not arrived. This delay has been an issue with the yearbook company, not Rosemont High School. We can’t tell you enough how much we have appreciated your patience! We’ll reach out when they come in. If you have any questions about payment, please email the controller, Ms. Moua at Bee-Moua@scusd.edu. She will be available starting Monday, August 24th.


Distribution of Materials

Many of you have asked about the distribution of materials, such as yearbooks (when they arrive), instructional materials, musical instruments, etc. The district is working on a plan for this process, and we hope to have more information soon.


Freshman and New Student Orientation

In lieu of an in-person event, we are developing an orientation video collection, which parents and students may view at any time once it’s posted on our website  (https://rosemont.scusd.edu). This presentation will be available beginning on Monday, August 24th. The information will be helpful for all students, not just our incoming freshmen.


Another reminder about the new counselor assignments for 20-21:

Audrey Kamilos

A  -  Fisher

Pam Reeder-Esparza

Flores  – Martinez

Onisha Cook

Martinez-Alv – Sec

Gabriella Orozco

Sedykh -  Z

Counselors will be available beginning on August 24th. 


Distance Learning

The teachers at Rosemont High School are committed to providing a high-quality Distance Learning program for all of our students. They are planning relevant and rigorous instruction focused on essential standards – those standards that students must master in order to be successful academically at each level.

Our teachers will use a Universal Design for Learning (UDL) approach to instruction,  which means incorporating supports for students at every level, including those with special needs and English Learners. Students will engage in daily whole-group instruction (through video conference) that includes opportunities for direct instruction, peer-to-peer interactions, frequent and timely assessment, and frequent and timely feedback from teachers. They will also have time each day to complete individual assignments and receive targeted intervention from teachers and support staff, as needed. In the coming weeks, we will provide detailed information about the daily schedule, attendance procedures, etc.

All teachers will use Google Classroom as the platform for engaging students and delivering instruction. We are working on consistency from teacher to teacher in the way that the Google Classrooms are set up to make it easier for our students and families to navigate through this online tool. We will also provide login instructions and information about accessing other commonly-used online applications. 

SEL, or Social and Emotional learning, is just as important as the academic curriculum. In order to be successful, students need a set of social skills: cooperation, assertion, responsibility, empathy, and self-control. Teachers will include regular SEL lessons based on monthly SEL “themes.” We will also provide SEL resources for parents and families aligned with those same monthly themes. This is a great way for our families to reinforce and build on what students are learning in their classes!  The social and emotional well-being of the entire school community is critical and we will do everything we can to make sure we address this on a daily basis!


Health and Safety

The health and safety of our families is critical at this time. Please find helpful information from the SCUSD Health Services Department here. If and when we do return to campus, we will provide updates. In the meantime, please remember to take recommended precautions:

Wash hands frequently with soap and water for at least 20 seconds

Wear a face covering any time you are outside and remain at least six feet apart from others

Stay home if you are sick



From this point forward, we will communicate weekly with our families via email and post those messages on the school website (rosemont.scusd.edu). Please expect a weekend email message and possibly updates during the week, as needed.


Student Schedules

This year, student schedules will be available on Infinite Campus near the start of school. We will not distribute paper copies. As we get closer to September 3rd, we’ll let you know when you can access your student’s schedule.


Contacting the Office

The school remains closed, but please continue to call the school at (916) 395-5130 and leave messages for office staff. We are checking those daily. By the end of next week, we will communicate office hours for administration. 


The following Rosemont employees are available for assistance throughout the summer:

Elizabeth Vigil, Principal         x508011        Elizabeth-Vigil@scusd.edu

Shandra Lee, Office Manager    x508001        Shandra-Lee@scusd.edu

Ayesha Charamuga, Registrar    x508033       

Bee Moua, Controller        x508053        Bee-Moua@scusd.edu


Work Permits

If your student needs a work permit, please email our office manager at Shandra-Lee@scusd.edu. 



Transcript requests go to our Registrar at

Thank you, families, for all of your support. As we work through this new normal, we are having to rely heavily on that partnership to ensure that we can meet the needs of our students. The word of the day is, and will continue to be, flexibility, as we continue to learn and adapt to an ever-changing situation. I do know that we are definitely stronger together. We can get through this! Let’s have a great 20-21!!!

More information to come!



Hello, Summer School Families -

Tomorrow, July 24th, is the last day of the 2020 summer school session at Rosemont High School. Many of our students did a tremendous job working through their online courses to approach or meet graduation and/or a-g requirements. Congratulations!!

After tomorrow, all incomplete courses will be changed to “Withdrawn.” For students from George Washington Carver, AE accounts will be moved back to that site. 

For Rosemont students who are still in the process of finishing courses, or who need to take additional online courses, please reach out to your counselor after August 20th and let them know whether zero or 7th period will work better for you.

All final summer school course grades will be posted to the transcripts by the end of next week, 7/31/20. It takes at least 1 week before the process can be completed to ensure all course grades are posted correctly. You should be able to see the grade posted to the transcript via the Infinite Campus portal by the middle or end of the day on Friday, 7/31/20, if not before.



Greetings, Wolverines -

We hope that all of you are enjoying a well-deserved summer break! We also know, however, that the challenges and frustrations of the past few months continue, and that there may be an ongoing need for support.

Please know that we are here and that you can reach out at any time by calling (916) 395-5130. You may also access a variety of district resources through the  SCUSD Online Support Center

The following Rosemont employees are available for assistance throughout the summer:

Elizabeth Vigil, Principal              x508011     Elizabeth-Vigil@scusd.edu

Shandra Lee, Office Manager      x508001    Shandra-Lee@scusd.edu

Ayesha Charamuga, Registrar     x508033   


Bee Moua, Controller                   x508053     Bee-Moua@scusd.edu

*If students need help with work permits, please reach out to Ms. Lee. 


We know that the first day of school for 2020-21 is Thursday, September 3. Once we have the calendar for the entire year, we will distribute that to families and post it on our website.

Materials Exchange

Returning students who were not able to attend Materials Exchange Day should hold on to all textbooks and library books until further notice. We hope to schedule an additional day for students to return materials and also collect items from PE lockers.


Yearbooks should arrive at some point during the month of July. Once we know when they will be delivered, we will schedule a time for distribution. 


Beginning this year, students will be assigned to a counselor according to last name:

Ms. Kamilos      Ms. Reeder-Esparza      Ms. Cook        Ms. Orozco

A - Fis                 Flor - Mart                    Mart-Alv - Sec        Sed – Z

The counselors return near the end of August and will be available at that time to address questions and concerns.  

Summer Online Credit Recovery

We are still placing students on the waitlist for our summer online credit recovery program, which ends on Friday, July 24th. If your student needs to recover credits to meet graduation and/or a-g requirements and is not enrolled, please contact Pam Reeder-Esparza at EsparzaP@scusd.edu or Mrs. Vigil at Elizabeth-Vigil@scusd.edu

Freshman Orientation

We are VERY excited to meet our incoming freshman! Orientation in some form (in person or online) is planned for the last week of August. This program will include information about the following topics:

  • School Structure
  • Student Schedules/Schedule Changes
  • Graduation and A-G Requirements
  • Pathways (RHS Culinary, Engineering/Construction and Design (ECD), and LEAD
  • School-Home Communication: weekly emails, texts, and Infinite Campus announcements, the school website (Rosemont.scusd.edu) and Instagram (RHS_Scusd) 
  • Online Learning
  • Interventions/Support for Struggling Students
  • Supporting Student Success
  • Extra-Curricular Opportunities for Students (clubs, sports, school activities)
  • Extended Learning (zero/7th period, tutoring)
  • Opportunities for Family Involvement

Please look for additional communication throughout the months of July and August. 

Stay safe, and stay healthy, Wolverines!!!



Hello, Summer School Families -

Just a reminder that tomorrow is the 4th of July holiday. Students are not required to “attend” school tomorrow. As always, they are free to work on AE courses. But, teachers and our counselor are not available until Monday, July 6.

Enjoy the 3-day weekend!


Hello, Wolverines -

If you did not receive an email informing you that your student is enrolled in summer online credit recovery, he/she is not enrolled or has been placed on a waiting list. We have a limited number of “seats” and have identified students who meet the district criteria for this program. If your student is not enrolled and needs to recover credits for meeting graduation and/or a-g requirements, please email the principal or Ms. Reeder-Esparza, the summer school counselor. We will enroll students on the waiting list as space becomes available.



Hello, Wolverines

As of Tuesday, June 9 students received an invitation via email and Clever to complete surveys to provide feedback on the SCUSD distance learning programs. Over the next few weeks, families will also receive surveys seeking feedback about these programs as well as plans for reopening our schools. Please look out for these communications from the district.

 Beginning Monday, June 15th, meals (breakfast and lunch) will be served at the back of the campus each day from 8 – 10:30 am. Monday – Thursday each week. Families may enter the parking lot off Mayhew Rd. by the Rosemont High School tennis courts.

Students who are up to 20 credits away from meeting graduation and a-g requirements will be automatically enrolled in summer online credit recovery. The program runs Monday through Friday, 8:30 -11:30 am, from June 22nd through July 24th. We will reach out to those families this week. As space allows, we will enroll additional students throughout the session.

Our counselors’ last day is Tuesday, June 16th. After Tuesday, counselors are no longer accepting changes to course requests for the 2020-2021 school year. Students may request changes when schedules are released prior to the first day of school.

Some of our families were unable to attend Materials Exchange last Thursday and have inquired about a second date for that process. Yearbooks, which were delayed because of a printing issue, will be arriving soon. We hope to combine the exchange of all of these materials on the same day. As soon as we have a date, we will reach out!

A final “Thank You” for all of your continued support. The last months of 19-20 were extremely challenging. In addition to COVID-19 and the unexpected school closure, students, families, and staff faced painful reminders about the need to bring an end to systemic racism and violence. Rosemont staff have begun conversations around these issues, and we are committed to lifting the voice of all members of the school community to expose implicit and explicit biases in our systems and take action against social injustice. An intense focus on equitable practice will be reflected in every aspect of our work. The time for positive change is now, and every one of us will play a role in this process.

We truly appreciate all of your efforts to keep students healthy, safe, and engaged in distance learning. We know that the next school year will look different, and could present even greater challenges. Our district leaders are working on a plan that meets the academic, social, and emotional needs of our students and also aligns with recommendations and guidelines from the Sacramento County Office of Education, the California Department of Education, the California Department of Public Health, and the Sacramento County Public Health department.

Until we have more information, we encourage students to remain engaged with their learning throughout the summer. Our students were allowed to keep their chromebooks over the summer so they can continue to access SCUSD resources and support.

The first day of school is Thursday, September 3, 2020.

We will continue to provide reminders and updates over the summer. Please stay safe, Wolverines! We miss all of you and look forward to being together again soon.



Hello, Wolverines -

This is the last week of school for students in grades 9 – 11.

Finals are scheduled for Monday, June 8th through Wednesday, June 10th. There is no set schedule for finals. Teachers should have notified students about when they will take their final exams. 

Remember that grades on these exams can only improve students’ final grade. Students may NOT receive a semester grade that is lower than the grade they earned for the 3rd quarter. If you have any questions about your student’s grade(s), please reach out to teachers.

School Site Council/ELAC/Safety Committee meet Tuesday, June 9th at 3:15 pm.

The last day of school is Thursday, June 11th.

Please see information about Materials Exchange Day for students in grades this Thursday, June 11th between 9:00 and noon. We hope to see all of our 9th – 11th grade families on Thursday!

Information about summer online credit recovery is coming soon. For this program, which runs from June 22 to July 24, Monday – Friday, 3 hours per day, we will prioritize seniors who are working to meeting graduation requirements and juniors who are severely credit deficient. We will invite students in grades 9 and 10 as space allows.

If your junior has been identified for credit recovery, he/she will be hearing soon from Ms. Cook. Please reach out to her or to Mr. Predko with any questions about credit recovery.

As soon as we have information about the 20-21 school year, we will reach out. For now, thanks to every one of you for your support and your partnership throughout this past year.

The last semester was a tremendously difficult time and we appreciate your patience and your responsiveness more than you know. We absolutely cannot do what we do without you. We are committed to an outstanding 20-21 and will do everything we can to give students the program they deserve.

As always, we’re here. Reach out at any time…



Hello, Rosemont Families –

This coming Monday, May 25th is the Memorial Day holiday! Enjoy your 3 – day weekend!

As we move into our last weeks of school, let me take this opportunity to thank all of you for supporting students with Distance Learning.


We are living through terribly challenging times, and ensuring that students continue to engage and learn as much as possible is a priority.

We have all learned a great deal about what we know, what we don’t know, and how we can improve, moving forward. I’d also like to thank our teachers and staff for working extremely hard to provide critical social and emotional supports for our students. Please reach out to teachers, counselors, and administration if you and/or your student needs assistance. We will do everything we can to connect you with the appropriate resources. 

Progress grades are available in Infinite Campus. Remember that students’ final grade for the semester may NOT be lower than the grade that was posted for the 3rd quarter. The work students are completing now, including final exams, is an opportunity to improve their grade. The new COVID-19 grading scale is also in place to help students earn the highest grade possible. Please reach out to teachers with any questions about progress grades or anything else regarding instruction.

Yearbooks are on sale on the RHS Student Webstore. Yearbooks will be available for $80 until we sell out. We have fewer than 50 books left, so don’t wait! If you have trouble logging onto the student store, please email Bee Moua with your full name and student ID number to have your account reset. students CANNOT pay their payment plan on the student store. It’s only for new purchases. We will inform those who owe about how to pay as soon as we have a way for them to so.


Please review the Senior Distribution/Graduation document and also complete the Google Survey for the Virtual Graduation Ceremony!! We need those by the end of the day on Tuesday, May 26th.



Good Evening, Rosemont Families,

Yearbooks are on sale on the RHS Student Webstore!

Click Here!

Yearbooks will be available for $80 until we sell out.

We have fewer than 50 books left, so don’t wait! If you have trouble logging onto the student store, please email Bee Moua with your full name and student ID number to have your account reset. 

Students CANNOT pay on their payment plan through the student store. It’s only for new purchases. We will inform those who owe about how to pay as soon as we have a way for them to so.



Good evening, Wolverines!

We hope that everyone is continuing to do well and continuing to follow physical distancing and other established guidelines for staying safe and healthy during this time.

Just a reminder that Sac City Unified schools and other community locations will host buses with free wifi hotspots, allowing families to access the Internet from our parking lots and other locations. If your student is still in need of technology, or technology support, please have him/her indicate that in the Student Engagement Survey, which is the daily attendance check-in assignment for all students - posted in each teacher’s 2nd period Google Classroom. For a small number of classes, the survey is posted in Google Classroom for 5th period. 

Please see the newest SCUSD communication about 4th quarter grades here. This includes the announcement that the Senior Project graduation requirement has been waived for the 2019-20 school year.

4th quarter progress grades will be available soon! Please encourage students to continue to check Google Classroom every day and to complete all 4th quarter assignments.This is a great opportunity to improve their 3rd quarter grade and also to prepare for the next level of classes.

Now for some great news from Rosemont High School!

  • Congratulations to Ms. Braun, who has been selected as 2020-21 Teacher-of-the-Year for SCUSD! She is joined by a teacher at the School of Engineering and Sciences (SES). Both teachers will be recognized at the May 21st meeting of the Board of Education!!
  • Dale Johnson completed a project for this year’s virtual SRBX Design Build Competition. Out of 600 submissions nationwide, Dale took 3rd place, earning him a $500 scholarship!!!!! He was the only SCUSD student to be represented in this competition. You go, Dale!!! Thanks, as well, to Mr. Stafford for encouraging Dale to participate and for supporting him through this process.
  • Last week would have been the penultimate Blues in the Schools Showcase for the Music Inc. seniors. Mr. Boettner and his students zoomed, and everyone was sad, but doing ok, overall. Mr Boettner just learned that the Blues in the Schools program is sending gift cards to the graduating BITS students. Very cool!

Have a great week, and reach out with any questions, concerns, or requests for assistance!!



Good evening, Wolverines!
We hope that everyone is doing well and continuing to follow physical distancing and other established guidelines for staying safe and healthy during this time.

We had two successful chromebook distributions, and our hope is that our families now have the technology they need to support distance learning for all students.

For problems with Internet access, please visit SCUSD’s resource page for a variety of resources. 

Starting May 4, many Sac City Unified schools and other community locations will host buses with free wireless super hotspots, allowing families to access the Internet from our parking lots and other locations. 

If your student is still in need of technology, or technology support, please have him/her indicate that in the Student Engagement Survey, which is the required daily attendance check-in assignment for all students - posted in each teacher’s 2nd period Google Classroom. For a small number of classes, the survey is posted in Google Classroom for 5th period. If students are having trouble locating the Daily Student Engagement Survey, please let us know! This is also a place where they can express the need for other kinds of support. Staff, including our counselors, will respond to each of these requests. 

Although we are awaiting final direction about 4th quarter grades, we already know that students have the opportunity to improve the grade they earned for the 3rd quarter through successful completion of 4th quarter work. In addition, it’s critical that students continue to engage with the essential standards in all content areas and participate in learning experiences that will help them to progress.

Students are completing rigorous individual and group assignments, participating in Zoom meetings with their peers, and creating hands-on projects using materials from home. Students who log in to Google Classrooms everyday will benefit from enriching instruction that will prepare them for success in the next level of courses.

Please encourage your student(s) to continue to learn and to continue to earn the highest grades possible in all classes! This will only help in the long run.

We have enjoyed hearing from those of you who have called or emailed to express concerns, ask questions, or request assistance. Please continue to seek our help with anything you need. We’re here…​

And, now a message for our Wolverines…


Chromebook Distribution

Wednesday April 29th

8 – 10 am



Hello, Wolverines -

A makeup day for chromebook distribution is scheduled for Wednesday, April 29th from 8 – 10 am. in the Rosemont High School parking lot. If you have one or more Rosemont students who are in need of a chromebook, please plan to attend.

Those checking out a device Wednesday must review the Annual Parent and Students Rights Notification and Standards of Behavior and sign the Student Acceptable Technology Agreement (Spanish Version). We will have copies of the Student Acceptable Technology Agreement during checkout.

Students at all grade levels may come at any time during the 8 - 10 am window.

Please adhere to this schedule on Wednesday. Our goal is to keep wait time for each family to a minimum, so coming at the designated time will help everyone to get in and out as quickly as possible.

Entry to the Campus:

  1. All cars will enter at the light through the east side of the parking lot. 
  2. Cars will follow a route through the parking lot, ending in the driveway in the front of the school.
  3. Everyone must wait in their cars at all times. 
  4. School staff will bring each car an SCUSD Technology Agreement Form which must be signed and re-collected, along with the student’s ID card, when the car approaches the check-out tables.
  5. All cars will exit at the west end of the parking lot after receiving their chromebook.
  6. Walkers: If you must walk, please keep and adhere to the 6-foot distance rule as you approach the check-out station. 

Please visit our website if your student needs assistance re-setting their Infinite Campus/Clever password.

You can also email our support desk at support@scusd.edu.​


April 20th – For Seniors

Good afternoon, Rosemont Seniors

I know that all of you have been frustrated about a lack of information surrounding this last part of your senior year - everything from senior project to activities like Junior/Senior Ball, Awards Night, Senior Sunset, and Graduation. We are all truly sorry that your year was interrupted the way it was and are looking for creative ways to leave you with some lasting memories. Ms. Siegert posted a survey on the website (and, I believe Ms. Reeder-Esparza has it on her Google Classroom, as well). Please give us your feedback so we can plan alternatives to some of these events. 

We still haven’t heard anything about Senior Project, but we’ll let you know ASAP. Remember that 3rd quarter grades are the grades you’ll receive, so what you’re doing now in each of your classes can only improve that grade. Please log into Google Classroom EVERY DAY to check for assignments and other online activities.

This Friday, April 24th, be on the lookout for a “special delivery” to your home. If you aren’t living at the address listed as the “primary address” in Infinite Campus, please email Ms. Siegert with a current address. Otherwise, we won’t be able to find you!

We miss you, class of 2020!!! We hope to see everyone at some point on Friday, and will be in touch soon with more information about the end of the year.


April 17th

Good Evening, Wolverines!

We are very excited that our students are engaged in learning! As we move to the end of this first week and prepare for the upcoming chromebook distribution (date, to be determined), we need some critical information from ALL of our families. PLEASE take the time to work with your child to complete the following  SURVEY no later than Sunday, April 19th. The sooner we get the completed surveys the better.

Please reach out if you have any questions about the survey. We look forward to hearing from all of you through this valuable tool. We will also post the survey on our website (Rosemont.scusd.edu) and on our Instagram page.


April 15th

We’re off to a great start for distance learning! Students are logging into Google Classroom and completing work in all of their classes. Although there will be variation from teacher to teacher, students should log into Google Classroom (with their Sac City email address) every day to check for assignments, feedback, and announcements. Teachers will be collaborating within their subject teams to plan instruction that meets the needs of all of our students.


Some information about 3rd quarter grades:

1. 3rd quarter grades will be posted to Infinite Campus by April 20th. 
2. Students may not earn a grade lower than the grade they had earned by March 13th, the last day before the school closure. 
3. 3rd quarter grades are still progress grades, so the work that students are doing now can only serve to RAISE their grade, moving forward.
4. We do not have information about 4th quarter grades at this point. As with everything else, we will provide that as soon as we learn more.

We still do not have a date for the distribution of chromebooks for students who do not already have access to technology. For now, students may download the free Google Classroom app to their Smartphones and participate that way. We hope to get the computers very soon!


If students have not yet received a Google Classroom invitation from any of their teachers, they should email them immediately. All teacher email addresses are available under “Staff” on Rosemont.scusd.edu. Students may also reach out to their counselor for assistance.

We are also awaiting information about seniors, including Senior Project, senior activities, and Graduation. Our site team is working to establish some “virtual” tools for giving our seniors a memorable end to the school year. We will keep you informed!! 


We will also let you know when we have a process for allowing students to retrieve personal items from the site. This includes cap/gown pickup for our seniors. 


Last, and definitely not least, many thanks to Ms. Braun and her AMAZING yearbook students, who have completed this year’s “masterpiece” ahead of schedule! They have done the impossible – finishing the publication remotely and creatively reflecting this unimaginable situation. Kudos to all of them for producing what will prove to be an historic “artifact” – something our students will treasure forever….


Again, we miss all of our students!!! Please encourage them to complete all of their classwork and participate in all available class activities – many of which will give them opportunities to connect with their peers!

We’ll reach out again soon! As always, we’re here for your questions and concerns.


April 13th

Good Evening, Wolverines!

As you know, distance learning starts tomorrow, April 13th. Here is some detailed information about the plan here at Rosemont. As always, all messages are also posted on our website (Rosemont.scusd.edu).

As is the case with most of the middle and high schools, we are still awaiting a date for the arrival of chromebooks for those families who don’t yet have access to a computer.  We will reach out with a date and time for distribution as soon as we have that information.

During the first couple of days of distance learning, teachers will be posting assignments that focus on learning behaviors, procedures, and the use of Google Classroom, the district’s preferred platform for distance learning.

Students may also download the free Google Classroom on their Smartphones! Students who do not have a Google Classroom code should email their teacher(s) to get that login information. Teacher emails are available on our website (Rosemont.scusd.edu).

Students with a SCUSD Chromebook:

Clever should be the default screen when you open your laptop. Login to Clever using student email (_____@student.scusd.edu) and password. 

Forgot your password? Send an email with your first and last name to Ms. Zanze at Linda-Zanze@scusd.edu and she can send you your password, or reset it for you.

Students using a personal device,

Go to the SCUSD webpage, click on Parent/Student tab > Student Online Tools > Clever. Login to Clever using student email (_____@student.scusd.edu) and password.


Helpful Google Classroom Video Tutorials:

For parents (Google Classroom)


For Students (in English and Spanish)


After Tuesday, teachers will be moving into lessons centered around content, and will be finding ways to engage all students in the learning process – regardless of their access to technology. Students should check Google Classroom every morning for each of their classes to view assignments and to see if a teacher has scheduled any optional live/interactive sessions. Soon, we will provide families with information about teacher office hours and also times for video conferences and other forms of instruction.

An update on 3rd quarter and semester grades – It is unclear at this time if teachers will be required and if it is appropriate for teachers to enter a final 4th quarter grade, but it has been agreed that students cannot receive a grade any lower than the grade they had as of March 13th, the day of the school closure

3rd quarter grades will be posted soon. Through distance learning, students have the opportunity to raise their grades in order to meet graduation requirements and to meet eligibility requirements for a four-year college by the end of the semester. Students should email teachers or ask questions about grades through Google Classroom.

Lastly, we know that our students are missing out on treasured end-of-the-year activities, especially our seniors, and we are brainstorming ways to end the year and reward them for their hard work. As soon as we have plans, we’ll let everyone know.

We’re excited to embark on this “re-opening” of school for our families and our staff. We’re learning as we go, so please continue to be patient. There will be bumps in the road, but we’re excited to re-engage with students and move forward with a plan for learning!!


April 11th

Good Evening, Wolverines!

We hope that everyone is doing as well as possible as we move through to the end of Spring Break. We could never have imagined a year ago that we’d be here at this moment. Please know that we are all thinking about our students and truly miss our daily interactions with them. We would give anything to resume our normal activities and know that students and families feel the same way.

Thank you SO MUCH for being patient with waiting for information about everything from grades to graduation. Unfortunately, we are still waiting for many of those answers. Our focus, at the moment, is trying to get students as engaged as possible as quickly as possible.

Distance Learning begins on Monday, April 13th.

Rosemont has not yet received our chromebooks and will notify families as soon as we have a date and time for distribution. Teachers are in the process of setting up Google Classrooms or other platforms to facilitate instruction but can also utilize phone conferences or other forms of communication until the additional computers arrive. We will definitely have to be flexible as we get started. Feel free to reach out to your child’s teachers for alternatives to Google Classroom as we await the computer distribution.

We know that this has been a very difficult time for our students. If they are struggling with depression or anxiety and need support, please reach out to your child’s counselor or to anyone in the administrative team. There are also a number of resources at the district, county, and state level. Sacramento County has a service for youth under 21 and their caregivers that can help you.

You can call 916-SUPPORT, or go online at  www.thesourcesacramento.com to be connected 24/7 to mental health resources, including online or over the phone resources. If you or anyone you know has thoughts about ending their life, please call the local suicide prevention hotline 24/7, at (916) 368-3111.

The Crisis Text line is also available – text HOME to 741741. If you need a listening ear or support with resources – please reach out to the Connect Center.  You can also find additional resources on our Health Resources page.

Thank you to everyone who has reached out with questions and concerns. We are learning as we go how to best deal with this challenging situation, and we appreciate your patience. As we learn more, we will keep you informed. Please tell our students that we miss them. We also encourage all of you to continue to follow the state guidelines for physical distancing and other protocols for staying safe and healthy.


April 2nd

Good Afternoon, Wolverines -

You may have heard that students at some of the SCUSD sites have been scheduled to pick up laptops if they don’t already have one to use at home. Rosemont is NOT YET on the schedule, and students may NOT pick up a laptop at another school site. Please wait until you hear when Rosemont students are scheduled for pickup.

Again, please do not go to another school site. You may not pick up a computer anywhere else but Rosemont High School.

Because we were unable to reach​ all of our families during last week’s phone calls, staff will be calling again today and tomorrow in an effort to ensure that we can determine technology needs for the upcoming distance learning. If you receive a call from a blocked number, please consider that it may be from Rosemont. We want to be able to communicate with everyone to check in and ask about technology needs. Thank you for your cooperation with this!


At the bottom of the district home page, under “Friendly Reminders” there’s a request for updated contact information. If you need to update any information in Infinite Campus, please do so. We want to be able to relay information to all of our families…


As more information about the distance learning plan becomes available, we will pass it along!


April 1st

Good Evening, Wolverines 

SCUSD has announced that distance learning will begin Monday, April 13th. Teachers at every site have begun training around tools for distance learning and will soon receive additional direction for instruction​. Leaders are examining the data collected through our phone calls to families to determine the need for technology and Internet access and will be establishing a plan for meeting the needs of all students. We are also waiting for direction about 3rd quarter grades, course credits, etc. 

We are also waiting for answers to the many questions surrounding our seniors. As with everything else, we will pass on information as soon as it becomes available.

Thank you for your patience throughout this process! It is all entirely new, and we are all learning together how to make it work. 

We have appreciated your questions and your feedback and will continue to do so.

Stay safe and healthy…


March 29th – For Seniors

Good Evening, Wolverines​ -

I know that there are many questions surrounding our seniors including grades, credit recovery, senior project, and Graduation itself. I thank everyone for your patience. District leadership is working around the clock to establish plans for all of this and will provide us with information as soon as it’s available. 

Ms. Braun wanted to ask any seniors who have not yet submitted their senior quotes and baby photos to email them to goldenroseyearbook@gmail.com or text them to (305) 791-6235.

Hopefully, we will have answers to all of your questions very soon. Until then, stay safe and healthy!!

March 29th

Good Evening, Wolverines!

- District leadership is continuing to establish a distance learning plan for our students. We will inform all of our families when we learn more.

- Just a reminder that students can send in pictures of their home isolation experience. Monday and Tuesday, please pictures with pets. Wednesday and Thursdays are for home workouts, and Friday is for bedhead photos. All submissions must reflect that students are following the proper protocols, and all must be appropriate. Please send the pictures to rhs_scusd.

- Lastly, yearbooks are still on sale. Purchase yours at YBpay.com. The yearbook ID is 5520120.

As always, stay safe and healthy!