Info for Seniors
UPDATED 6/16/20


Hello, Wolverines -

Let me take one more opportunity to congratulate the class of 2020. We are extremely proud of each and every one of you and wish you all the best as you move on from Rosemont High School!​ 

Yearbooks still aren’t here. There was a problem with printing, and the company had to do redo them. As soon as we hear when they are going to arrive, we’ll reach out with a date for distribution. This will also be another opportunity for seniors to return checked-out items and to pick up diplomas. 

Online credit recovery for seniors who are still working to meet graduation requirements begins on Monday, June 22nd and goes through Friday, July 24th. Working hours are 8:30 – 11:30 am each day, Monday – Friday of each week.

As always, students may work beyond the 3-hour block to finish courses at their own pace. Seniors who are not already in credit recovery will be enrolled automatically, and staff will reach out to those families this week. We will provide additional information between now and the start of the summer session.

Stay safe and healthy, and stay in touch! Let us know how and what you’re doing, and reach out if there’s anything we can do to help. We’re always here for you! Once a Wolverine, always a Wolverine…



Hello, Wolverines –

Congratulations, again, to each of our graduating seniors. We are so proud of every one of you and hope that you enjoyed the virtual ceremony. ​Watching it was a very emotional experience for the entire staff. This is a very special class for a variety of reasons, and we will miss you more than you know…

Just a reminder that Diploma pickup is this Thursday, June 11th from 10 – noon. We will also distribute items left in PE lockers. You may arrive at any time during that 2-hour window. 

*Diplomas will be held for any senior with outstanding items (textbooks, library books, chromebooks.) If you did not return all items on Friday at Distribution Day, you must bring them on Thursday in order to receive your diploma. 

Congratulations, again, class of 2020!!!  



A reminder that seniors who are walking to campus to return required materials (chromebooks, all textbooks, all library books) and collect their senior bags come tomorrow,

Thursday, June 4th between 10 – 11 am.

Seniors who are driving through to return required materials and pick up their student bag attend on 

Friday, June 5th between 9am and 1pm.

Here, again, is the alpha list for the Senior Distribution drive-thru on Friday:

Last Name     A-G       9 – 10 am 
Last Name     H – M    10 – 11 am 
Last Name     N - S     11 - 12 
Last Name     T – Z     12 – 1

Please attend during the designated times, and please review the safety protocols in the Senior Distribution Day/Graduation information document.


Families of Rosemont Seniors,

Here is some information you’ve already received and also some new information about Drive-thru Senior Distribution Day and the Virtual Graduation Ceremony:

Drive-thru Senior Distribution Day

Senior Distribution of items such as caps/gowns, memorabilia, cords, awards, a wristband (our original Graduation “ticket”), and an unofficial transcript, is Friday, June 5th from 9 – 1.

NEW: Seniors must also return all school items (Chromebooks, textbooks, library books) when they attend the distribution. We will check those in as seniors enter the parking lot.

Seniors must attend according to the following schedule:

Last Name A-G 9 – 10 am

Last Name H-N 10-11 am

Last Name M-S 11-12 pm

Last Name T – Z 12 – 1 pm

NEW: Seniors who are walking to campus instead of arriving in a vehicle must come to campus on Thursday, June 4th between 10 and 11 am to return school materials and receive their senior items. We will not serve walk-up students/families on Friday, June 5th.

The Drive-thru Senior Distribution event is NOT A PARADE or a Graduation celebration. The format is similar to Chromebook distribution. However, many of our staff will be there to congratulate our seniors as they move through the line in cars to pick up their items. Cars will enter at the light and follow a set route through the parking lot after stopping to check in returned items. As each car reaches the front of the school, staff will ask for the senior’s student ID and then retrieve the bag of items, which will be brought to the car. As each car stops to pick up the bag of items, a member of the staff will read the senior’s name over the PA system.


  1. Please ask seniors to bring their student ID. 

  2. NEW: Cars may be decorated!! 

  3. Minimum of 6 feet between vehicles 

  4. Each vehicle contains only members of the same household.
  5. Public restrooms are not available. 

  6. No one is allowed to exit their vehicle. Seniors and family members must stay in their cars at all times. 

  7. Cars must keep moving at all times and follow the designated route.


The Rosemont Virtual Graduation Ceremony will be held at the originally-scheduled time: Friday, June 5t h at 7:30 pm. We will send information this week about how families can access the ceremony.

Attention Seniors (From Ms. Siegert)

To help organize your virtual ceremony, we need a couple of things from you. There is Google Form for you to fill out that will be asking for the following information:

Name Announcement: Mr. Bell and I will be announcing your names during the ceremony. We need to know the name you would like us to use and how to pronounce it correctly if it’s a commonly mispronounced name.

●  You cannot change your name at this time, but if you have two last names and only use one, or if you would like your entire legal name (first, middle, last) to be announced, please let us know. 

 ●  If your name is often mispronounced, give us a phonetic spelling, meaning that we want you to write it the way it sounds. So for Siegert, I would write See-gurt. Or for Vigil, I would write Vee-hill. If there’s a specific syllable that’s accented, let us know that as well. If you’re really worried that we won’t get it right, there will be a place on the form for you to request a call from me, and we can talk on the phone about how to pronounce it. 

 ●  Partners: We usually do not announce names in alphabetical order, and this year will not be any different. If you and your friends would like to have your names announced together (up to groups of 6), please fill that out on the form. If it does not matter to you where your name is announced in the ceremony, you can leave that question blank. 

 ●  Slide Message: As your name is being read, there will be a slide displayed with your quote/message. If you did not submit a quote, a new link has already been emailed to you. All quotes are due by 5:00 on Sunday, May 31st. If you were asked to resubmit a quote, those are also due to me by 5:00 on Sunday, May 31st. We reserve the right to not include your quote. 

Deadline for Completing SCUSD Graduation Requirements

Senior portrait slides, with the accompanying message, will be removed from the video for those seniors who are not eligible for graduation by June 3rd. Students who are able to meet all graduation requirements AFTER June 3rd will be eligible to graduate but they will NOT appear in the virtual ceremony.

Purchasing Cap and Gown/Tassel

If you have not purchased a cap and gown/tassel, please visit the Herff Jones website by clicking the link below and follow the directions. Deadline for ordering is Monday, June 1st.

Step by Step Instructions

  1. Go to: www.herffjones.com 

  2. Go to Personalize Your Experience enter “Rosemont High School”

  3. Scroll down and select “Shop Caps and Gowns” 

  4. Select “Shop Grad Products” 

  5. Bottom of page select Cap, Gown, & Tassel for $30.00 

  6. Total Price is $42.96 

NEW: Diploma Pick-up is Thursday, June 11th from 10 – 12. Students who have not returned all school materials will not be eligible to pick up their diploma until they are clear of any outstanding debt.