Autumn Whipple’s Book of the Month for May

Autumn Whipple is a Rosemont High School senior. Her senior project is to review books and recommend it to other students around schools for them to be more involved in reading. For the month of May, her recommendation books are The Fifth WaveInk and Ashes, and Bone Gap.

The Fifth Wave- Rick Yancey

Genre: Survival, Apocalypse, Alien, War

What would you do if the aliens attacked the earth? What would happen to the world if the aliens kill 6.9 billions people while our population is only 7 billions? What would you do if you can’t identify the alien because they look exactly like you? Cassie, short for Cassiopeia,thinks she might be the only human left, but in a world where even friends could be out to kill you, no one can ever be sure of the truth.

Review: This book really made me appreciate life, as we know it. Cassie faces impossible odds, and even though she isn’t the most likable character throughout the book, the story benefits from her vulnerable perspective. 

If you like this, please also read: Host- Stephanie Meyer, Peeps- Scott Westerfeld, Hunger Games- Suzanne Collins

Ink and Ashes- Valynn E. Maetani

Genre: Mystery, Thriller, High School, Traditional Culture

What would you do if your father’s sudden early death wasn’t the accident you thought it was, but a murder? Meet Clair Tanaka, a girl comes from a family that keep secrets she never thought to guess. On the 10th anniversary of her father’s death, she starts to uncover the mysteries of her father’s past. But will she know who to trust, or distrust? Figuring out what’s going on may save her life. But who is trying to her? And why?

Review: The mystery in this book was actually quite interesting. Clair Tanaka is a great character, and her gang of friends adds a cute, Scooby-doo element to this kind of gruesome story. I would suggest that the reader should be patient while reading this book because it starts off really slow.  However as the story continues, readers will be amazed by the fantastic conclusion, and the gritty mystery that unravels piece by piece.

If you like this book, please also read: The Camelot Caper-Barbara Mertz, No One Else Can Have You-Kathleen Hale.

Bone Gap- Laura Ruby

Genre: Mystery, Adventure, Science Fiction, Romance, Brotherhood, Friendship, Fantasy

In the little town of Bone Gap, Finn has always been the odd one out. His brother Sean is the town hero, and he is nothing to the society. It doesn’t help his strange reputation that Rosa, the girl his brother loved disappeared, and he was the last one to see her. When Finn starts to suspect that Rosa’s disappearance is more sinister and more magical than it appears; he decides to seek for an answer. Will Finn able to find the answer of Rosa’s disappearance? Will he learn secrets about the world that he lives in?

Review: This book is a nice blend of mystery, family, and supernatural without being overbearing. Finn, the main character, is quirky and his discovered secret later on the story makes the readers astonished. The complicated relationships between Finn, his family, and the girl he loves will keep you guessing until the last page of the book.

If you like this book, please also read: Ink and Ashes- Valynn E. Maetani, Safe Haven-Nicholas Sparks , The Time Machine- H. G. Wells, Vladimir Todd-Zac Brewer .