Attendance Correction Form
Use this form to request absences marked in error.


How This Works: The absence in question must be within the last two weeks. If the absence is older, your request is automatically denied as we cannot reprocess absences older than two weeks. 

Your webform will be submitted to the Attendance Office. A staff member will forward your request to the teacher who you indicated and will require that the teacher respond. If the teacher verifies the correction, the absence will be corrected and you will receive a confirmation reply from the Attendance Office. 

If the teacher does not agree to the correction, you will receive a reply informing you to contact the teacher. The school requires the teacher to submit the correction. We will not accept parent/student requests as proof that the student was present in class. 

What is the reason you contest this absence?

Enter the teacher’s last name. If you have a long term substitute, enter the name of the teacher listed on the schedule (ex: Gilbert)