URGENT! Fill out an LCFF Form
Help our school get it's funding!

If you have not returned your LCFF Application,  please do so by completing the online application at

Sac City Unified, like all districts in California, receives state funds to operate our schools based on the number of students enrolled in our district, and on the socio-economic status of our students. This formula is called the Local Control Funding Formula, or LCFF. The state LCFF process is the main source of funding for our schools.

We want to ensure that our district receives every dollar of state funding that our students deserve. This is why we ask every family to complete and submit an LCFF Application. Completion of the LCFF Application by all families will help our district address our current budget deficit.

If you have already turned in your LCFF Applications, please accept the district’s deepest gratitude.

The LCFF application is not related to the school lunch program – it is used by the state to help determine how much funding schools will receive. Without this application, our school may not receive the  funding it is entitled to.

Thank you for supporting our schools.