Ms. Braun & Ms. Caruthers Get Honors!

Congratulations to Rosemont Staff Members April Braun and Irene Caruthers who have been selected by our district to receive awards!

Irene Caruthers has been selected to represent SCUSD as one of five Classified Champions!

Irene has been the Cafeteria Manager at Rosemont since the campus opened, and has served as a supervisor since 2012, overseeing seven schools! Her dedication to hard work, her commitment to students, her unwavering optimism, and her love of everything Rosemont High School is evident every single day in everything she does.

April Braun has been selected as one of two 2020-21 SCUSD Teachers-of-the-Year!

To know Ms. Braun is to understand and appreciate her deep commitment to the students of Rosemont High School. This recognition is more than well-deserved.

Throughout her time at Rosemont, Ms. Braun has taken on a variety of
demanding courses, including LEAD Advanced English 9 and both LEAD and global AP English Language and Composition. She also serves as an unrelenting advocate for our English learners. attends games, concerts, dances, competitions, and celebrations alongside her yearbook students to ensure that the Golden Rose publication captures the culture and spirit of campus life.

We are very grateful for the professionalism and leadership Ms. Braun and Ms. Caruthers bring to our organization and we are so proud of both of you!

They will be honored at the May 21st meeting of the Board of Education, so tune in!!