Lawn Signs for Seniors!

Last week our seniors were surprised by a visit from a member of the RHS staff to deliver signs acknowledging their graduation.

Lawn sign delivery to our seniors was just a wonderful experience. Our kids and their families were so excited to see us and so excited to see the lawn signs proudly displayed in the front lawns of their homes! Seniors in apartments had the option of choosing where we would affix their sign.

Thank you to Mr. Melchor for bringing this idea to us, and thanks SO MUCH to Ms. Siegert for coordinating the entire effort.

She designed and ordered the signs, put them together, organized student addresses into neighborhood clusters, and created stacks for the volunteers. Included in the stacks were Class of 2020 sweatshirts for the seniors who had ordered those. It was a huge task, and she did a tremendous job! We also appreciate her husband, Nate McGill, for his help with this project.

Thank you to the folks who distributed signs to students’ homes:
Matt Naumann
Erik and Chesshuwa Beckett
Pam Reeder-Esparza and her husband, Greg
Linda Zanze
Chris Nelson
Tia Summers
Jeff Bell
Jason Pelletier
Juan Sandoval
Dave Stafford
Wes Brown
Rick Wanlin and his wife, Jen
Chris Watkins
Geoff Melchor
Chris Gosney
Katy Hensley
Christina Pritchett (Board member, Area 3)
Becky Hypolite (Parent volunteer)
Liz and John Vigil

It was a great idea and a great show of support for our kids.

Check out the story on the front page of the Saturday Sac Bee!!

Click Here for the Story

Here are some pictures of the happy day!