December 2, 2018

Help us help you; ensure that your Infinite Campus contact information is up to date. It is now possible to update email and cell phone data via the district website. You may also call Rosemont and update the information with our office staff. If your contacts are not current, you may not receive important school and district communications.

High School Specialty Program Application – The application window for all high school specialty programs is now open. If you know a prospective family who may be interested in one of Rosemont’s pathway programs, please encourage them to apply. The application deadline is 5 p.m. on December 20. As a reminder, Rosemont’s specialty programs include LEAD, RHS Culinary, and ECD (Engineering, Construction and Design.)

Students not currently enrolled who are interested in any of the above programs must apply via open enrollment regardless of address and school of residence.

Congratulations to the November Students-of-the-Month!

Freshmen: Cierrelena McCoy, Dulce Martinez, Henry Quintana-Lopez, Kasheena Xiong, Lena Clark-Shariah

Sophomores: Nafia Wysinger, Kimberly Alferez Robles, Lucas Erdman, Mariana Leon Nolasco, Hassonie Colquitt

Juniors: Tessa Van Vliet, Maricella Garcia, Enrique Zapata Haquet, Samayah McGrew, Morgan Murphy

Seniors: Katelyn Plants, Cassidy Schaplowsky, Isaac Thomas, Danielle Parson, Athena Aguirre

Please put Wednesday, December 12th on the calendar! The Winter Concert is scheduled for 6:30 pm in the Auditorium. This will be another amazing performance by all of our musical groups, including the band, orchestra, and choir!